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Helen Cadwallader


Hi there!

I've recently completed a PhD  at the University of Waikato Coastal Marine Field Station in Tauranga, New Zealand, studying the large population of stingrays that spend time in the Tauranga Harbour. My research, under the supervision of Prof. Chris Battershill, Dr Malcolm Francis (NIWA) and Dr Phil Ross, aimed to work out the residency of rays within the harbour, both spatially and temporally, and whether the high industrial presence in the southern reaches of the harbour is causing a higher level of heavy metal bioaccumulation than in more pristine areas.


I have a fascination for all things ocean-related, but especially the sharks and rays, their biology and conservation.


I enjoy taking photographs to document sea-life and the amazing places I have lived and worked. Some of these photographs can be found on the appropriate page of this site.


This site includes an online CV, research portfolio, and a research diary to keep up with whats happening here!


Any questions, just drop me a line on the Contact page.



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