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Employment and Experience

Research Assistant, various projects, University of Waikato

Benthic faunal surveys, boat assistant and others for contract works.

Dolphin Seafaris

Crew member, social media monkey and resident marine biologist on this dolphin tourism boat in Tauranga, New Zealand. Role required teamwork, boating skills, customer service, and spotting of marine mammals while at sea, whilst also educating and answering customer questions about the local sea life.


Blue Ocean Charters

Volunteer deckhand for family-run charter fishing business in New Zealand.


Behavioural Responses of Australian Humpback whales to Seismic Surveys 

Research assistant on the largest Humpback whale project ever attempted. Duties included land-based observations of humpback whale behaviours using binoculars and a theodolite, Computer operation, boat based observations including photo-ID.


Additional experience with:

  • Cetacean Photo-ID

  • Bird nest observations, point counts

  • Small boat handling

  • Behavioural observations of birds and cetaceans,

  • Capture, ringing and blood sampling of birds. 

  • Small mammal capture and ID

  • Reptile and amphibian survey, capture and ID (timed active surveys, bucket pit fall trapping)

Teaching and Supervision

  • University of Waikato MARIN101 Guest lecture, May 2019 - Shark and Ray Biology

  • Co-Supervisor: University of Waikato Summer Scholar (2016/2017) in Stingray Ecology

  • Co-Supervisor: Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Student project in Stingray harbour ecology

  • Science communication using social media workshop at University of Waikato Coastal Marine Field Station 

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