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Apex Predator Project and More...

So as part of the PhD that I'm working on, and linked in to a masters student that is studying bronze whaler sharks we've put together the APEX PREDATOR PROJECT as a centre for shark and ray research based at our field station. As I'm webmaster/blogger for that too I've been a bit quiet on here!

If you want to check it out, there's information on the project, shark and ray species in the Bay of Plenty region and NZ as a whole, and a load of information about the APP (Thats Apex Predator Project, not a phone App, although I am after someone to build one for me, if you're offering!) as well as a blog that I update more often than this one!

It's pretty cool, I'm having fun with it!

I'm also pretty active on twitter @helecad and I'll try and get a twitter feed up on here soon!

In other news...

I've just come back from the Joint New Zealand Marine Sciences Society (NZMSS) and Australian Marine Science Association (AMSA) conference in Wellington, which was AWESOME! So many great talks and posters and beers, food and silly hats, as any conference should be! I met a lot of really great marine scientists and had some great feedback on my talk, yes I DID A TALK at an INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE! :D

I'll leave you with the Coastal Marine Field Station crew (Plus a couple of extras) in our wonderfull "Diver Below" hats at Te Papa (National Museum of New Zealand), and yes, I am dressed as a stingray....

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