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A weekend of Sharks and Rays in Bristol

I just returned from a quick trip home before the field season begins and while I was there managed to fit in attending the European Elasmobranch Association (EEA) conference in Bristol, run by The Shark Trust.

Conferences are great for sharing research, catching up with old friends in the field and making new contacts, all with a good sprinkling of social events and fun.

This one was no exception as a full weekend of talks by world experts in Shark and Ray biology, ecology and conservation all taking place in the fantastic venue of Bristol Aquarium, in the old IMax cinema room. (Fun fact/Geek moment: the conference used the same projector, in the same room that the original BBC Blue Planet documentary was first screened to BBC bosses...)

(Here's the EEA conference 2016 crew. Photo by The Shark Trust)

I presented preliminary data from my Stingray pit counting work, and it was was very well received, with some great comments and questions from the audience.

If you want to find out about other research that was presented over the weekend and are on Twitter, search #EEA2016 for commentary by participants. While you're at it, follow me @helecad

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